Dynax Urban Environment Research Institute

Dynax Urban Environment Research Institute.


DYNAX Urban Environment Research Institute
Year of Establishment: 1984
Amount of Capital: JPY15 million.
Number of Employees: 14

DYNAX’s missions are

To realize sustainable, safe and secured society

We are working for the realization of sustainable society where global environment is protected and people live together with nature. Whereas, we also attempt to develop communities to become more resilient against disasters in order to make it possible to live safely.

To become a coordinator of societies based on participation and collaboration

Cities are facing various social problems that are sometimes too complicated to build consensus. It is not rare that the government cannot provide solutions for such cases by itself. DYNAX has built consensus with various stakeholders in various projects

To become an action-oriented think tank, or “do tank”

DYNAX believes that sharing common knowledge and experiences with various stakeholders in a certain field is more important than piles of reports on a desk. Therefore, DYNAX seeks for solutions with stakeholders by site rather than just analyse one object on a desk and provide a solution. This enables to practice social experiments and workshops actively.

To become an open think-tank with wide ranges of networks

DYNAX has built varieties of networks with municipalities, scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as activists, NPOs and NGOs around Japan. DYNAX utilizes these networks and challenges for creating more sustainable society.