Dynax Urban Environment Research Institute

Dynax Urban Environment Research Institute.

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-Realization of a Sound Material Cycle Society
Waste management, 3R (Reduce-Reuse-Recycle),

  • Planning for sustainable waste management
  • Promoting 3R action plans with public participation
  • Planning and consensus building for waste processing facilities
  • Coordinating strategic environmental assessment
  • Research on venous industry and its vitalization plan

-Protection of Local and Global Environment
Environmental Master Plan, Global environmental issues, environmental education, environmental business

  • Instituting environmental master plans
  • Simulating global warming gas emissions, and instituting global warming action plans.
  • Research on the Ozone layer protection
  • Urban beatification campaign and research
  • Coordinating environmental education
  • Promoting environmental business

-Public-Private Partnership, Consensus Building

  • Supporting the institution of Basic Autonomy Ordinance
  • Providing guidelines for Public-Private Partnership
  • Promoting collaborative projects
  • Evaluation of Manifesto
  • Coordinating consensus building

-Disaster Prevention and Security
Disaster Prevention, security, welfare society

  • Instituting local welfare plans
  • Promoting local disaster risk reduction activities and plans
  • Research on disaster risk reduction volunteers

-Community Development
Urban revitalization, rural development

  • Instituting city master plans
  • Coordinating city revitalization projects
  • Social experiment for local revitalization
  • promoting rural development

-Organizing Symposiums and International Conferences

  • Coordinating international conferences
  • Coordinating workshops, group studies, and lectures
  • Designing posters and websites
  • Producing tools for enlightenment